Many times I’ve come people who say they “Use NLP on their clients successfully but it doesn’t work for that person”. Usually they’ve studied NLP through an online course or by books written by people who write about techniques. They usually try to run themselves through various techniques but it’s definitely hard to be fully associated while trying to remember a process.

So maybe it’s time to simplify things a bit when we want to use NLP with ourselves. And notice I say with ourselves because rather than on ourselves. I think the idea that we’re using skills “on” others actually creates resistance in the people we’re working with. When we lead others through processes we’re leading them to the results we want them to have rather than imposing solutions.

First, are the outcomes you want well formed? If not, that’s the first obstacle you’re facing. Once you’ve got that taken care of, notice the pictures you’re making and play with your submodalities. What happens when you make them bigger, smaller, add or subtract color and movement. Try putting a border around the picture or taking it off. Once you’ve warmed up with that, you can associate or disassociate with the picture. Notice how you’re speaking to yourself. What kind of modal operators are you using? What kind of tonality? Are you using your voice or someone else’s? Change those and notice how your feelings change.

Rather than using full interventions, you can make incremental adjustments with yourself and change the way you’re experiencing the world.