Today we’re speaking with Dr. Richard Bandler, the Co-creator of Neuro Linguistic-Programming who has trained people such as Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna, about the kind of mindset to have to thrive during challenging times.

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Dear James,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your above and beyond service and training. It is rare to come across a person such as yourself with your talent, knowledge, and patience. We appreciate the fact that you did not rush through the training. You made sure everybody understood everything and answered all our questions. We are reaping the benefits from your training already. This morning I had a one call close by using your methods! Your emphasis on teaching us the difference between a customer and a client is evident also in the way you treated us. My employees have a different outlook now and are super motivated. They cant wait to learn more from you. They were amazed how the tools we learned from you can be applied to everything in life and it's not limited to work. 

Your training certainly is an investment worthwhile for any company or person looking to grow or get to the next step. Definitely worth every penny! 

We are up over a million dollars in gross sales compared to last time at this year. Your training is the main reason. Without the  tools and new insight you have given us, it would not be possible. I cant help but think of all the companies out there that could use and benefit from your services. I am a firm believer that companies need to keep growing and try new things or they will fall behind. 

 Look forward to ongoing training for many years and please give my number if a client needs a reference.   

Best regards,


James is a highly qualified expert, with an exceptional performance in his ability to deliver. With my humble experience with James, quickly, I became more aware of the area in my life I wanted to change and James handed me some incredible tools to work with. His method is high level to give you the change you are seeking for by your standards and definitions; and, simple enough where you can understand and follow through with the work to be done with. He has an incredible ability to tell you how it is, and give you the honesty to give you the results you are looking for. I am very grateful for my opportunity to work with James and hope that others will have the golden opportunity to work with him as well.

Amed Meza