Since we’ve all survived and gotten to a new year we’re sure to have clients who say that they have a New Year’s Resolution and haven’t been able to get whatever they’ve resolved to have. However, we who have studied NLP know there are a few secrets to successfully getting a New Year’s Resolution. Here’s one of them.

People say they “made” a New Year’s Resolution or they “have” a New Year’s Resolution and for those who don’t actually achieve what they want, chances are they stopped the process when they “made” that resolution. They decided to have or do something and that was as far as it went. They have a resolution and what they have is a nominalization. What they don’t have is a strategy to implement that resolution.

When we have clients in this situation their decision strategy and motivation strategy aren’t the same so we have to find their motivation strategy and lock that in as the next step in achieving what they want. So elicit the strategies for both decision and motivation and anchor them. Then you can use strategies such as Timeline and Future Pacing and changing the person’s submodalities to lock in the strategies to help your clients have a Happy New Year.

James Seetoo is an NLP Trainer and NLP Coaching Trainer currently located in Southern California. He is working on some projects that will be announced in 2016 – after all, he made a resolution to finish them this year.